Family and friends. Work. Sports. In that order.

What Henrik does

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    Front-end development

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next JS, Gatsby, Drupal, WordPress, Craft CMS, Strapi, Sanity.
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    Web design, UI/UX design, Branding, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite.
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    Responsive web design, semantic HTML, legibility, color contrasts, ARIA attributes.

Henrik's story

Family & friends

Henrik is raised in a wonderful and creative family, surrounded by lovable friends. They mean literally everything to him! He grew up on the countryside in southern Sweden, currently located in a small town called Falkenberg.


Henrik is a front-end developer and multi-disciplinary designer. Web and graphic design led him to front-end development where he has specialised. He's passionate about architecture, structure and accessibility and neat looking websites.


Sports have always been a big part of Henrik's life. He has tried varies kind, but it's football and golf that figure most for him.


Henrik has been in the game since 2010, he's got five years of education and a lot of years of dedication behind him. Currently Henrik works at a web agency called Kodamera in Gothenburg, running his own business in parallel in his spare time.


Front-end developer/designerKodamera2016 – Current
Front-end developer/designerJerhammar & Co2015
Front-end developer/designerFreelance2014 – Current


Type of educationUniversity/InstituteTimeframe
Graphic design and communicationLinköping University2013 – 2016
Visual Communication (Exchange term)Hochschule Der Medien (Stuttgart)2015
Web ProgrammingBlekinge Institute of Technology2013
Web DesignHalmstad University2009 – 2010


Henrik has had the privilege of receiving a number of awards for the work with his portfolio website. The portfolio has been featured on a number of websites including Mindsparkle Mag and Minimal Gallery.


Mobile site of the year nominee larssonhenrik.com2020
Mobile site of the weeklarssonhenrik.com2020
Mobile excellencelarssonhenrik.com2020
Honorable mentionlarssonhenrik.com2020

Mindsparkle Mag

Site of the daylarssonhenrik.com2020

CSS Design Awards

Special Kudoslarssonhenrik.com2020
UI Designlarssonhenrik.com2020
UX Designlarssonhenrik.com2020