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Nabo in Sweden

Nabo in Sweden

About the project

Nabo means neighbour on a Swedish dialect where Henrik grew up. Nabo was founded by Sofie and Lizette who grew up close to each other, two inventive entrepreneurs on a mission to offer people neat, useful and fun stuff.


2013 – 2016


Branding + Graphic design
Lizette and Sofie - Founders of Nabo

The Tea Advent Calendar

24 sorts of tea up until Christmas

Nabo's Tea Advent Calendar is a box filled with 24 different sorts of teas. One new tea flavour every day from december 1st to december 24th.

Henrik has helped out with package design, print preparations, illustrations and layout during 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The Coffee Advent Calendar

24 sorts of coffee up until Christmas

Just like the Tea Advent Calendar, their Coffee Advent Calendar is a box filled with 24 packages of coffee, one for each day up until Christmas eve.

Henrik helped out with art direction, package design, print preparations and layout during 2016. He made the logotype with Sofie and Lizette – a logotype that is made from actual coffee spill, scanned in a printer, vectorised in Adobe Illustrator where text was added to finish up. See image below.

Coffee spill that the Coffee Advent Calendar logotype was made of

Brand logotype

Nabo's style is clean and minimalistic with clear Scandinavian influences. Henrik's task was to produce a logo reflecting just that – the end result is a minimalistic brand mark, a circle with the letter N inside it.

Logotype for Nabo in Sweden